Just succeeded and pulled off a completely surprise baby-shower for 2 long time colleagues and soon-to-be first time dads. Only 2 or 3 weeks ago, my office-mate and I were joking that we should do this, because who says showers are for the women only? Last week I realized that dad#1 was already 30-some weeks along, and having twins, so it better be soon. No time wasted, so I started scheming last week. Today we decorated the conference room with (mostly) pink* balloons and wrote a big "Congratulations A... & S..." on the board. And there was cake - without any effort on my end. I love it when you ask the office assistant, and it just shows up! And cards with an big collective donation inside (rather than get tons of trinkets, get them one big amount for the bigger needs).

We'd planned to do it during our regular weekly meeting, so they would show up as usual. I'd also contacted both pregnant sidekicks to show up (as a surprise). Calmed down boss after the usual managers' pre-meeting, because dad#2 asked if the regular meeting was canceled (which happens about 40% of the time). Boss got all flustered and was wondering if she was suppose to have canceled it, and apparently reacted kind of brusquely. Of course confusing dad#2.

Sneak in helium tank, balloons, 2 small gifts, etc. in advance. Stay completely calm and nonchalant when trying to sneak in with the cake and walk right past dad#1 in the hallway - my hand over the store sticker on the box. Sicked one colleague on each dad, to keep them distracted while the rest of us walked into the room already. Intercept the disaster that Dad#1 was trying to escape the meeting to deal with an unexpected hiccup, and have boss send out email that the meeting was really important and if people could at least be there the first few minutes for an important announcement :)
I felt like a high-school kid again.

The complete and utter surprise on dad#2s face when he walked into the room... and his wife show up. Dad#1 who was so distracted that he didn't even notice all the balloons and cake and board until someone pointed him to the board (with the big congratulations and his name on it).
It was good.

* yes, 3 girls between the two of them



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