Just when I think I can make ends meet, someone moves the ends. This time, not in a financial sense but in getting life in some semblance of control. Piles of boxes - almost gone. Stacks of papers to deal with and go through are still here and there. Well, and there are a few boxes full of them, but somehow that bothers me less. Out of sight and such. All the upstairs floors are done, all rooms completely functional, and almost done. We're still having computer issues with getting everything to talk nicely to eachother and share printers and filesystems and such. Getting closer, but not quite there. It always takes longer. In this case, much longer. In the category good news, Terry made it to 36 weeks pregnant - yay! One more week, and she can go to the birthing center rather than the hospital.
And to add more craziness to the mix, a friend just got a job in Cambridge, a few blocks away from me. She heard the 22nd that she got the job, starting the 28th. Slight complication - she lives in Virginia. So she's flying in Tue evening and staying with us for a while, until she can find her own place. Have to clear out some boxes to put down the futon.

Do we ever have a week without insanity?
This year's Midnight Bike Ride is coming up!
Starting on Sat Aug. 19 at midnight at Copley Square, and ending at sunrise on Castle Island the next morning (Sun Aug 20).

We're going to try to make it again this year.
Who's coming along?
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Or in this case, puppets and munchkin and Hal...My, oh, my!
[livejournal.com profile] johngnassi has just posted our plans for this weekend. Read it.



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