Spent most of the weekend with [livejournal.com profile] johngnassi and [livejournal.com profile] tardyt in Scuba (SSI) class. Fun, but exhausting. J and I really want to get as much of the certification out of the way, so that when we go to Jamaica next year (slightly delayed honeymoon), we'll only have to do 5 open water dives to get certified. Yay! And since we were going to class anyway, and since Alex is a waterrat anyway, and since he'll turn 13 in 3 days, he came with. Who wouldn't want a birthday present like that?
It was a blast!
Can't waitwaitwait to go diving in the nice, warm, clear, Jamaica ocean again.

Oh, and many thanks and kudos to [livejournal.com profile] terbear2b and [livejournal.com profile] lovelyblackrose for putting up with Karin for the weekend. I owe you a backrub for putting up with her, Terry!

Tonight before keeling, we did manage to move the big hutch, the most difficult piece of furniture from the front room into Alex' new room. It didn't fit around the curve as it was, and it didn't fit though the door on its side. Sigh. We ended up unscrewing it while on its side in the doorway. Figures. But - it's cleaned, moved, and put together. Phew. One step closer to doing that floor.

Anyway, little sleep, lots of muscle-soreness but great fun and good progress.
Insane past few weeks. Somehow, we started down the path of insanity (tm) of swapping around all 3 bedrooms. Karin really needs a room of her own (has needed one for a while!), so right now all of Alex' stuff is out of his room, stuffed in the empty new bathroom, and the back bedroom has been sanded umpteen times, sealed, polyurethaned about 4 times. All the baseboards have been re-painted - they were damaged by the sanding, and needed repainting anyway. Oh, and while we were at it, my mom and I plastered (only a small bit, thank $Deity) and painted 2 of the walls. Light yellow, rather than the light blue that was there. Just because.

What a difference this all makes! The room looked like new. Until we moved in, that is. All John and my stuff is out of the middle bedroom now, temporarily in the back bedroom. And yes, Alex' stuff is still in the new bathroom, and he is on the couch for one last night (only 3 total, not too bad) because my parents are still here and sleeping on the one other functional bed in the front bedroom/workroom.

Today it's our room that'll get cleaned and fixed and prepped for sanding. That floor is unfortunately in worse shape than the back room is, so there was actual talk of a "plan B" and something about ripping out the floor (gulp).

Anyway, step 3 is to move all of Alex' stuff out of the new bathroom (maybe we should start calling it staging area instead...) into the middle bedroom - then his. Of course, the front bedroom/workroom is next -creative stacking of everything to get it out of there, no doubt- and then we move into the front room, and Karin into the back bedroom. Phew. That'll be the configuration for a while. We + computers + workroom + futon in front room, Alex in middle room, Karin in back. Most likely bunkbeds or lofts (can you spell IKEA?). We'll see.

Good thing my mom loves to paint and sew and cleans everything about once a week; we're ending up with a painted room,cut-to-fit curtains and a clean house. At least until the sanding starts again.
... Karin is riding in the back seat of my bicycle (on the way to daycare), singing boisterously and clapping her hands. The song? "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands".

few things

Aug. 11th, 2006 09:34 pm
At the in-laws at the NJ shore, after a surprisingly smooth train trip with just me, Karin, and a duffelbag on wheels. It's always wonderful to see how a beach full of sand and an ocean full of water can keep kids entertained for hours on end. Too bad there was a red flag today, so the water wasn't swimmable, and I really couldn't keep my eye off of K for more than a minute - or even half a minute.
Yay for naptime though. I'm slowly starting to catch up on sleep. More beach tomorrow. Maybe I'll even remember to bring a camera.

Oh, and yet another tally update:
Weasley: bird, dead, +1
What is this? blackmailing for more food?
Wooooooohoooooo!!! It's dry! I can see the sun!! And we were able to ride our bike to work/daycare today. It was a bit surreal to ride on the bikepath that had been submerged just a few days before. (Have a look at the very very very wet and slightly less wet pictures.)


May. 5th, 2006 08:12 pm
Still in the Netherlands -- STOP -- Having a good time -- STOP -- Weather nice enough to have gone to beach yesterday -- STOP -- Karin finally starting to speak more Dutch than English -- STOP -- Went to a wonderful and nice relaxing sauna today -- STOP -- Met with manymany of my friends here -- STOP -- Never enough time to see and do all -- STOP -- Must come back again some day -- STOP -- And find a sauna complex near Boston -- STOP -- Flying back this Sunday already -- STOP -- Dreading remnants of raccoon squatting in our house (when we were both gone for a few days) -- STOP -- Back to work on Monday -- STOP --

Sometimes, things just go right too. Today, it took me only 55 minutes from rolling out of bed to sitting at my desk. Hadn't quite planned it that way, but still very satisfying.

08:22 - woke up all of a sudden, realizing it was light out. And that it was *late*. I had managed to sleep through all the usual noises. J and A had gotten up and out of the house; K was still sleeping, rather than jump all over the bed; the cats hadn't mewed me awake because no one had fed them yet.
Jumped in the shower (with K), then handed her off to J when he got home. Dressed, grabbed food-to-go. J packed my stuff into the scooter, and I left in no time. Easy ride to work, no insane traffic. Parked, locked up, and strolled into office. Sat down at desk. 09:17 :)



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