I'm white. Or pink. Maybe. Pink-ish? Off-white?

Looks like our ex-mock-cherry-turned-fruit-bearing (at least the past 2 years) has an identity crisis. Most of the flowers are white, 3 branches completely pink, and a whole bunch somewhere in between.

Day 2

Sep. 12th, 2007 12:56 pm
One down, about 179 to go (schoolyear is ~180 days long here, right?). When I picked up K yesterday, she was happily running around in the small gym, having playtime inside because it was pouring outside. She was definitely happy to see me, as in running at full speed at me as soon as she saw me. I got a big hug, and then she was off playing and running again. She'd had a good day, at least in the afternoon, since those were the only teachers/afterschool-day-care-people that I could talk to. When I dropped her off this morning, one of her teachers said that Karin had had a mostly good day yesterday, but that there were an awful lot of "no"s. And that she (the teacher, that is) wanted to sit down sometime this or next week and talk about strategies and coordinating the things we do at home and what they do there.
So far so good.

OCD much?

Aug. 16th, 2007 04:30 pm
When explaining to Karin why a BLT is called that, she said "But then the lettuce has to be after the bacon, and then the tomato!", referring to the current layering of her sandwich being bacon-tomato-lettuce. And yes, I explained that it only refers to the things that are in there, not the sequence in which they have to be applied :)

Obsessief, misschien?
Toen ik aan Karin had uitgelegd waarom een BLT (een sandwich met gebakken spek, sla en tomaat) zo heet, zei ze "Maar dan moet de sla na het spek, en dan pas de tomaat!", wijzend op de volgorde in haar huidige sandwich, spek-tomaat-sla. En ja, ik heb uitgelegd dat de letters alleen zeggen wat er in zit, niet de volgorde waarin ze moeten worden toegepast :)


Jun. 29th, 2007 11:23 am
I'm waiting to wake up and realize it was just a dream... Why else would both kids still be asleep, quietly, in bed, at 11:15 in the morning?


Jun. 9th, 2007 11:54 pm
Good stuff:
+ an amazing, wonderful, awesome concert with [livejournal.com profile] terbear2b. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] lovelyblackrose!
+ went for a nap at 10 or so (after a little someone woke me up at 6 f'in 30!), then proceeded to sleep through the day

Bad stuff:
+1 tiny cute mouse, alive*, a week or so ago
+1 mouse-fur-hairball with bones (note: discovered by D's bare toes), yesterday
+1 ex-bluejay, whole, today

*Note the full mouse-search in progress, or, how many people does it take to catch a mouse?:


May. 27th, 2007 12:26 am
Saturday morning, 07:02. Sitting with Karin outside on the doorsteps of King House so we don't wake up the people still sleeping on the couches in the living room. Just finished reading her Are you my mother? and Fox in Sox. No more reading by me for a bit, since my throat hurts (and my head, and I'm febrile from whatever cold I have)
Aside from the occasional jogger or dog-walker there is nobody out on the streets. Hell, I wouldn't even be up if not for Karin. We hear a very nice quiet. Some birdsong from all the trees around, and a bit of a breeze that makes the already relatively warm temperatures nicely tolerable. Not thinking about all the insanities of our lives and the dead rat in the kitchen wall with my parents visiting in 4 days and such.

Hearing her happily browsing through her book, reading "pink piglets, pink piglets, pink piglets": Priceless.

We just got the new trailerbike, and rode it home along the bikepath. She _really_ likes it. A lot :) We rode home from work/daycare and stopped on our way at the REI where we had bought it Sunday. It was put together, didn't seem to fall apart when I picked it up, so with some futzing and removing child bikeseat and fixing my bikeseat which of course chose that time to break, we did manage to attach the new trailer to my bike. Quite sturdily too. During all this, of course, Karin was bouncing around and super excited and virtually squealing.

After walking the now extra-long bike from the parking garage to the beginning of the park (only 5 minutes, if that) we both got on. Karin had sat on it from the garage to the park, just to get a feel and so that I could actually see her for the first bit. Kinda hard to see when riding in front of her. I needn't have worried. Like a fish in the water - she loved it. Of course it helps that she's been riding her own bike-with-trainingwheels. But still. She held on well, and kept her feet mostly on the (extra-wide) pedals. We went very slowly at first, she didn't like to go too fast, where too fast for her is less than a normal ace for me. For now. That'll get better with actually riding a few times, no doubt.

For today - definitely success. For tomorrow, well, the T (subway) since they're predicting thunderstorms in the afternoon. Oh well. There will be many more chances.


Apr. 5th, 2007 08:57 am
The unthinkable just happened - Karin fell down the stairs! After years (oh my g-d, can't believe I'm actually saying that!) of telling her not to carry so much while going down the stairs, she tumbled down them, while carrying too much. I'm partially amused, partially relieved and only slightly concerned. Thankfully she didn't hurt herself badly and was done crying within 30 seconds - mostly from the scare, I think. The stairs are covered with carpet, which probably helped soften the bumps. Relieved, because she's finally getting some empirical feedback. You know, from mother nature, not from an adult. And amused, because she's the second person in less than 24 hours to fall down the stairs in our house. Unfortunately for [livejournal.com profile] nekowoman she fell down the much more painful back stairs (bare wood, steep, curved).

At Arisia

Jan. 13th, 2007 11:38 am
Went to Arisia for the first time yesterday (and will again today and tomorrow). Really cool - lots of awesome people in costume, fun things to see and do and listen to, talk about, and dance to. Of course, within 5 minutes of getting there, I run into one of my colleagues ([livejournal.com profile] ckd). To my surprise. Well, not really a surprise had I thought about it. I mean, computer geeks and the Sci-fi/fantasy worlds do have some overlap here and there (yes, that was dripping with sarcasm). D'uh.
Anyway, it was fun. Karin got her face painted, and we spent a few hours at the drum circle; I learned how to play the drum (somewhat better than just whacking it, like I had) and enjoy the music and dance and company. Karin had a blast to no end, dancing and drumming and playing around. She was up and dancing till almost midnight. Time for going home and bed - J stayed for Rocky Horror, of course, it being Friday and midnight.
Now, more coffee, a shower, and then back.
So, at the veryvery end of our early christmas celebration, with 18 friends and family (including 6 very overtired kids), and after an insanely crazy out-of-control, all at the same time, unwrapping frenzy, there was oooone last present. For me. A little notebook with handwritten (yes, John's handwriting) text on the first bunch of pages. Something about our belated honeymoon, which we were planning to go on this next March, after things fell through this past April. But the notebook didn't suggest we go in March.... it said we were going in 50 hours! As in, tomorrow (tuesday) way early. On vacation. Honeymoon. To Jamaica. For 2 weeks! And almost everybody was in on it - friends, family, co-worker, boss, ... I was speechless. And happy. And flabbergasted. Frenzied preparations and packing has happened (actually, very little prep, since almost everything was already taken care of!). And now, the last bits of packing are almost done. 3 hours sleep, and then we're off! Whooo! See y'all nest year.
Groan. Ow. Unh.
That's me, trying to move right now. We just spent all day sanding. And sanding some more. With a break to get a flu shot (more ouch - I _hate_ needles!). Oh yeah, and hunt all over the place to find more evil sandpaper, because the 3 pieces of 24-grit we got for the hand-sander (or rather, 2-hand sander, since the sucker is too heavy to operate with just one hand. In fact, it purposefully has 2 handles...) didn't last me more than oh, 1/5 of the room. The good part is that I found even more evil 16-grit monster-grating stuff. Mwahahaha! That did the trick. Finally. After burning through 6 of them, the worst of the orange-and-black chemical gunk was of the floor. Can't believe this was even worse than the previous room!
Anyway, it looks much, Much better now. Not anywhere near done, and definitely not with the first coat of poly on it that we'd wanted done by 6 today :( In fact, we had to stop sanding at 7pm or so, because we were making so much noise, we actually had to pay some attention to noise-curbing regulations. Grmbl. We wanted to just keep going until it was *done*. OTOH, my body is thankful for the break.
And - this time we remembered to take the "before" pictures. I'll post them tomorrow.
Now, sleep.


Dec. 10th, 2006 09:58 pm
We just hit a new low... storing a folding table on the porch because we're out of space to put it elsewhere. OTOH, the sanding of the last bedroom is about to start... Woohoo!
Goodnight Elmo
Goodnight Woofie
Goodnight Parasaurolophus

(not missing a beat, and not mispronouncing anything)


Dec. 4th, 2006 01:53 pm
After drinking her cup of milk practically in one breath, Karin started to walk out of the kitchen. Stops. Looks puzzled. Jumps up and down a few times, then starts grinning.
"Mom, did you hear that?"

The milk had indeed made it into her stomach, and jumping up and down made a very audible "slosh"-ing sound. Hehe.



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