After 4-5 consecutive hours of playing catch-up with our finances, I realize I'm hungry. No surprise, seems like dinner passed me by unnoticed. I apparently didn't hear the hollers from downstairs. Too focused on getting this crap from way back in 2004 till now cleaned up. See, I forgot that creditcard statements not only need to be paid when they come in, but at some point they need to get reconciled too. Yeah. Missed that last part. Or rather, not missed but forgotten. I knew it had to be done, but somehow it fell by the wayside. Somewhere in 2004. Or 2003, in one accounts case. Yes, more than one CC account. Maybe it's time to close some of those outlyers like a sears card or a lane bryant card, if only to simplify life.

At least the nice desk setup we now have, gives me workspace, and nice itunes music to work by. So I can fit (finally) my huge bowl of salad-and-tomato (yum!) and glass of wine. The first for sustenance, the second, well, because I need it. Surprisingly (or maybe not, for those who have seen this dark side of me) I actually like this nitpicky stuff. Making sure that everything is accounted for. Well, mostly everything. That $23 spent at Mobil in 2004 that was on the statement but not in Quicken, well, now, that probably did really happen.
I feel a little better prepared for our annual tax-crunch. The majority of our accounts are happily up-to-date till at least the end of 2006. Another sip of wine, and I'm ready for a few more months of checking and clicking.


Dec. 10th, 2006 09:58 pm
We just hit a new low... storing a folding table on the porch because we're out of space to put it elsewhere. OTOH, the sanding of the last bedroom is about to start... Woohoo!



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