2017-05-06 08:53 pm

Executive summary: 1. Software sucks. 2. What's up with duplicate isbns? 3. I love my books.

(Warning:long entry. Executive summary: 1. Software sucks. 2. What's up with duplicate isbns? 3. I love my books.)

So, a bunch of years ago I intensely used Delicious Library, a book cataloging program that let me add books to my catalog by simply scanning the barcode, or typing in the isbn. It would use a plethora of sources on the web to present you with options for what it thinks was that book. For books pre-dating isbn, it let you search on other criteria, or last resort just manually entering the data for a new book.

The new, "improved" version now only allows as sources a plethora of... amazon sites. amazon us, amazon uk, etc.
Needless to say, this isn't working. I've tried a few others, and so far have come to the conclusion that most of them suck. The least evil seems to be Goodreads, which has a browser version (so I can use a laptop vs just a phone app) and collaborates with the phone app to use the camera to recognize books. But by looking at the cover picture, not the barcode with isbn on the back. Though you can enter an isbn.
Which brings me to the third part of this rant - I thought that ISBNs were unique! Apparently not, because the book I have with its isbn prominently printed on the front cover seems to have the same isbn as some totally unrelated other book. How did that happen? All sources I have googles about isbn seem confident that they are unique. Where is the catch, what am I missing?
Also - I can't be the only nerd trying to catalog my books. What do *you* like and use?
2017-04-03 10:54 pm

Go home, LJ, you're drunk.

Doing my last backup of my LJ entries, then deleting everything. In order to log in I had to agree to a user agreement that states both that "this translation of the User Agreement is not a legally binding document. The original User Agreement, which is valid, is located at the following address: http://www.livejournal.com/legal/tos-ru.bml." and that they reserve the right to change the user agreement unilaterally without notice from now on.

Not acceptable.

I've moved to dreamwidth. Same userid. See you on the flip side.
2017-01-03 03:44 pm

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Migrating here from LiveJournal.
2009-09-15 03:02 am

From Twitter 09-14-2009

  • 22:01:55: Patrick Swayze died? Geez, at this rate, who is left at the end of the year?

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2009-09-12 03:02 am

From Twitter 09-11-2009

  • 23:13:54: Spent the last 2 hours catching the big mouse, nay, small rat, that the cat brought in. The living room is like a hurricane aftermath...

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2009-09-09 03:02 am

From Twitter 09-08-2009

  • 11:09:32: Back home. Getting back into the swing of things. !&%^#$!! early mornings, school has started. Can't believe K is in 1st grade now...

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2009-09-07 03:02 am

From Twitter 09-06-2009

  • 10:49:36: Listening to K singing "Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer" while breaking camp, tent and load the trailer. Thus summer ends...

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2009-08-19 08:30 pm
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  • 22:37 It's predicted to not go below 22C (71F) tonight. Is there such a things as an overnight heatwave? #
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2009-08-05 02:05 am

From Twitter 08-04-2009

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2009-08-04 02:05 am

From Twitter 08-03-2009

  • 14:36:13: Am completely wiped from a long but good weekend. Hung out with friends, then had a full day at the beach, _plus_ diving.

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2009-07-31 02:13 am

From Twitter 07-30-2009

  • 13:27:26: I thought the rain was supposed to temper the heat... Instead, it feels like it dropped maybe 2 degrees and increased the humidity a lot.

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2009-07-28 02:05 am

From Twitter 07-27-2009

  • 15:31:27: Melting in the heat. Obviously the solution is to stay underwater as long as possible. Wonder how many tanks that would take for 10+ hrs.

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2009-07-26 02:05 am

From Twitter 07-25-2009

  • 14:41:02: Basking in the sun and nice breeze after successful dive. Did annual fish count and now hoping to win the raffle: dive trip to bonaire.

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2009-07-17 02:02 am

From Twitter 07-16-2009

  • 16:22:02: Crossing the street in front of me, making me smile. Kid, maybe 5 yrs, in white martial arts outfit, looking fierce. Cuddling big stuffe ...
  • 16:23:41: Crossing the street, making me smile. Kid, maybe 5 yrs, in white martial arts outfit, looking fierce. Cuddling big stuffed animal in arms.

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2009-07-13 02:02 am

From Twitter 07-12-2009

  • 20:31:02: Had awesome beach day. Found parking spot right away, right there; nice spot on sand; K made friends in 3 min. Sun, breeze, relax - success!

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2009-07-11 10:40 pm

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It seems that LoudTwitter has been down for a week or two - hence the increased scarcity of my posts. Am trying another twitter-to-LJ gadget, but the more direct option, of course, is to follow me on twitter. Simplicity FTW!
2009-06-29 08:30 pm
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  • 09:01 Awesome dives yesterday. Down to a wreck at 90ft, visibility really good. Am dead tired and sore like I did strenuous exercise. Oh, wait... #
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2009-06-28 08:30 pm
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  • 09:12 Foggy but good dive day yest., 15+ skates; boat for 3 more dives today (chester polling!). Then, we're AOW certified. bit.ly/DNPhv #
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2009-06-27 08:30 pm
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  • 23:40 Waterproof watch with water inside, broken dehumidifier in now swampy area, cat with floppy, dead bluejay in its teeth. Can I be done now? #
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